Homeopathic Medicine: My 'I Have a Dream' Speech

In honor of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King...

Just prior to her death, Coretta Scott King went to Mexico to a hospital that specialized in alternative medicine. Her family told the media that she was specifically interested in homeopathic treatment. It is rarely surprising when "cultural heroes" seek homeopathic treatment at some point in their lives.

In fact, there is a significant body of literature that shows that 11 U.S. Presidents and various world leaders, six popes and various leading clergy and spiritual leaders, Nobel Prize Laureates and other leading scientists and physicians, literary greats, sports superstars, musical geniuses, world-class artists, women's rights leaders, philanthropists and corporate leaders, and monarchs from all over the world have used and/or advocated for homeopathy.

Further, history has confirmed and dozens of modern surveys have verified that people who seek homeopathic treatment tend to be more educated than those who do not.

I have a dream that Hippocrates's wisdom of "First, do no harm" will be operationalized by the inclusion of natural and homeopathic medicines in primary care.

I have a dream that augmenting the body-mind's own immune and defense system will be a primary goal of medical treatment.

I have a dream that health care professionals will strive for "integrative health care," that is, the use of various natural therapies and conventional medicines, in efforts to create safer and more effective health care results.

I have a dream that people will understand that no disease is "local" or isolated from the whole person and that all disease is part of a syndrome that can and must be understood in this more complex context.

I have a dream that people will really respect the wisdom of the body-mind and realize that our symptoms are our organism's best effort to respond to stress or infection.

I have a dream that people will become aware of the real problems that result from using conventional drugs that suppress symptoms, thereby disrupting the body's defensive efforts and pushing the disease deeper into the organism.

I have a dream that people will appreciate the multi-factorial nature to most disease processes and that people will no longer be fooled by oversimplified single-causational factors to disease.

I have a dream that a diverse body of scientists and health care professionals will develop guidelines that will help assess "overall quality of life" improvements -- not just symptomatic differences, as a means to determine if treatments really work.

I have a dream that a diverse body of scientists and health care professionals will soon explore the dimensions of and potential for ancient and futuristic concepts of "energy medicine", not only for medical applications but for varied technologies that will help create a healthier, sustainable planet.

I have a dream that biggest critics of natural medicine will apologize for continuing a history of antagonism that should never have started in the first place.

I have a dream that homeopathy and natural medicine's history of success in treating many infectious epidemic diseases will help us reduce antibiotic use and provide a safer tool for treating people with infections.

I have a dream that the homeopathic principle of similars, which has long been utilized in vaccination and allergy treatments, will be appreciated for its power in augmenting immuno-competence.

Let health and freedom ring from the home to the clinic to the hospital.

Let health and freedom ring from the pharmacy to the health food store.

Let health and freedom ring from doctors, from patients, and from insurance companies.

Let health and freedom ring from drug companies, drug regulators, and health policy experts.

Let health and freedom ring from the media and from the internet.

I have a dream today.

Any other dreamers out there?