New Homeowner Finds 100-Year-Old Surprise Hidden In Baseboards (VIDEO)

Homeowner Looks Inside Wall, Finds 100-Year-Old Surprise

When you move into a home, you don't just inherit a new living space -- you also (sometimes unfortunately) inherit whatever a previous tenant may have left behind. Usually, it's an old toilet brush or paper towel holder left behind. But sometimes, a surprise hidden deep within the home gets discovered during a routine project.

That's exactly what happened for a Minnesota woman in the kitchen of her recently-purchased 1910 Cape Code home. “When I first pulled off the baseboard I thought, ‘ewwww…someone’s nasty stuff is back here,’” Amanda Reddy stated in an email to TheBlaze. How wrong she was.

While she wasn't quite fortunate enough to happen upon, say, 12 glass jars filled to the brim with gold dust, Reddy discovered a "time capsule" of old postcards and letters from 1907 and 1909. It might not get her thousands of dollars, but the find is a treasure in itself.

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