Woo-Hoo! Homer And Marge Simpson Aren't Divorcing After All

Residents of Springfield can sleep easy, because "The Simpsons" just put those divorce rumors to rest.

Gossip started spreading earlier this month that Homer and Marge Simpson would split up after producer Al Jean said that the pair would "legally separate" in the Season 27 premiere during an interview with Variety. Now, with a new promo featuring Homer saying their marriage is "solid as a rock" and later getting shot in the eye with "Cupid's" arrow, it seems the outrage was way overblown.

Jean also tweeted out the news just to make sure everyone got it:

This is already the second time this year Jean had to address a major media story that got out of control. In February, the producer also shot down a crazy theory that Homer has actually been in a coma since an episode in 1993.

Season 27 of "The Simpsons" premieres in September on Fox.



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