This Guy Perfectly Recreated Homer Simpson's Couch Snacking In 10 Delicious Seconds

Can't talk, eating.

The video production team at CinemaRaven took Homer J. Simpson, one of TV's most iconic eaters, and reproduced him in live action. Why undertake such an endeavor for roughly nine seconds of footage from a Season 3 episode? The creator told Reddit that he's just a "die hard fan," which becomes very apparent when you read about the project's origin.

"We had the idea and my uncle happened to be getting rid of that couch. The day after he dropped it off at my studio, we shot this. I had the end table already. I spray painted it purple. I got the painting printed for 10 bucks. Owning a photo studio means I have a lot of frames lying around. The phone was found at a thrift store. Caolan looked like homer. It all fell together." - afdllps, Reddit user/video creator

On behalf of "Simpsons" fans everywhere, thank you, sir.

If you're in the mood to see it go on forever, and we know you are, here's the GIF version, with Homer in all his 64-slices-of-American-cheese glory ...



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