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Homer Simpson's Food Addiction, As Shown By GIFs

When it comes to food, this guy knows what's up.

In terms of cartoon greats, Homer Simpson is about as good as it gets. He's responsible for one of the most classic catch phrases of all time, a jingle that is virtually impossible to get out of your head, and isn't afraid of openly proclaiming his love for food.

In fact, Homer Simpson is a guy after our own hearts when it comes to his favorite foods -- he might even love beer and doughnuts more than we do. We've rounded up 10 GIFs that perfectly explain why Homer Simpson is the ultimate food lover --and why we think he might be our spirit animal.

He's all about efficiency.
Tumblr: Fat Soul Life (#fatsoullife)
And culinary invention. via
He knows when to share.
Tumblr: #SelfLoathingSunday
He agrees that there's nothing wrong with a little delivery.
Tumblr: RunwayReublic
Especially when it comes in the form of a hot pizza. via
Although he may not be the best chef...
Tumblr: Oh My Gif
...he isn't afraid to experiment in the kitchen. via
He knows the struggle is real.
Tumblr: PunsOfSteel
And that it happens when the fridge is empty. via
He really tries to be one with his food.
Tumblr: Oh ma vie de Jaune
We'll call this food empathy. via
He knows what dreams are really made of.
Tumblr: Hi My Name Is GIFs
Seriously, this looks just about as good as it gets. via
He's a bit of a junkie.
Tumblr: Purveyor Of Sin
And might need to enter a 12-step program. via
He is a professional multitasker.
Tumblr: This Relates To Meme
Well, when it comes to eating at least. via
He knows what work is really for.
Tumblr: Oh. Your. God
Aka dreaming about sandwiches. via

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