Homer Simpson Uses His Own 'Backing Into Bushes' GIF On 'The Simpsons'

Pop culture is folding in on itself.

Fox’s “The Simpsons” is famous for predicting the future and having done a huge number of comedy premises, leading to the phrase “‘The Simpsons’ did it.” Are they also now the first to use their own famous GIF meme, in which Homer slowly backs away into some bushes, in one of their episodes?

In Sunday’s episode “The Girl on the Bus,” Lisa receives a text from Homer. “Lisa, I can’t find my phone!” he says. To which Lisa replies, “You’re texting on it.”

Homer sends back the famous of GIF of himself backing away quietly into some bushes. Knowing full well what it had done, the show tweeted the scene on Sunday from its official account.

The original GIF is from a 1994 episode called “Homer Loves Flanders” in which Homer suddenly wants to be best friends with his neighbor Ned Flanders.

In the scene, Homer stops by to ask Ned what they’re going to do today. Ned says they’re going to visit the boys’ grandmother, but family only. “Oh, OK,” says Homer, before slowly fading into the bushes without blinking.

“The Simpsons” is currently in its 30th season.