Homer Will Give A Live Q&A During A 'Simpsons' Episode

Mmmmm... Ask Homie anything!

Yes, Mr. Simpson, we have a question: Don't you hate pants?

Homer Simpson will answer your questions live during an episode of "The Simpsons" on May 15, FOX announced this week.

The network will use motion capture technology that'll allow the original voice of Homie, Dan Castellaneta, to take control of the character in real time.

"Dan Castellaneta will be in the studio and not only what he says will go out live, but the motions he makes will be incorporated in what Homer does on screen," Producer Al Jean told CNNMoney.

It's a clever -- and, the network maintains, a first -- innovation that's surely intended to give a boost to ratings for the 27-year-old sitcom. 

The live show will reportedly look like the rest of the episode, except Homer will talk about current events and take questions from the audience. It'll be a couple of minutes long and air on both East and West Coast broadcasts.

You can get involved and ask him anything in the weeks leading up to the show, from May 1-4, using the hashtag #HomerLive on Twitter.

FOX has already had success with real-time airings. "Grease Live" was a hit, generating more than 12 million viewers and plenty of fanfare online.

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