15 Homes With Amazing Pool Tables That Are Anything But An Eyesore (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 15 Billiards Rooms We'd Love In Our Home

Some may think that pool tables can be a bit of an eyesore in a gorgeous home. After all, it's not easy to find ones that match the decor. But when it's done right, having a billiards room can be pretty chic -- and also a lot of fun to hang out in. That's why we rounded up 15 homes with these spaces that prove pool tables shouldn't be stuck in the basement, or in some cases, used as a dining room table (we're looking at you, bachelors.)

A chandelier not only gives off the perfect amount of light for a game, but also makes this space a little classy.
See how perfectly these designers were able to make everything match?
Put in a little mini fridge and you're all set.
We're digging the Mediterranean design.
Little accessories really make it feel like a pool hall -- a
pool hall that is.
Why not add a poker table to finish the place off?
Now this is just showing off.
This definitely doesn't ruin the gorgeous view.
Pool tables can totally be elegant.
The ceiling definitely highlights the table.
There's nothing unattractive about this.
You'd never have to leave your house for a good time.
Now this is what we call a family room.
Seriously guys, this is cool.
The epitome of a billiards room.

You know what else is cool to have in your home? A speakeasy.

Los Angeles, CA

Houses With Speakeasies

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