Homo Pomo

I thought it was liberals who were supposed to be subjugated by “the dictatorship of moral relativism” (as Cardinal Ratzinger put it in his final campaign speech). Actually, looks like it's Republicans who've succumbed to the spell of postmodernism. Turns out it’s Homo pomo on the right who’s intent on replacing fact-finding with politics.

Yalta? Forget what actually happened there, or what historians who’ve studied it say. Putting Joe McCarthy’s smears in W’s mouth trumps objectivity.

Darwin? Screw scientists; let’s put it to a vote.

Does Social Security privatization screw the middle class? This is too important to ask economists or the Congressional Budget Office; truth comes from the barrel of an online poll.

The triumph of postmodernism was the conquest of reality by the cacophony of “he said/she said.” It’s ironic that the mainstream media is trapped by pomo’s straitjacket (and irony’s the name of the postmodern game). But who would have thunk that all those flaming Republican reactionaries would have fallen head-over-heels for something so French?