Homoparental Adoption: Yes.

What is fair?

Deciding that a baby will be adopted by two mommies or two daddies? Or that one baby will be adopted to a low income parents, and another to a high income parents? Deciding that a dark skinned baby be adopted by light color skinned parents? Or a yellow skinned baby into a darker skinned family? Or to an old couple? Or to a single parent? Or adopted by family members? All these situations stated above and many more will trigger challenges not limited to discriminations and insults.

The bottom line is adoption is a very sensitive issue. Whoever is in charge of the adoption process is, in some way, vested of an incommensurable power, one that determines the destiny of the child to be adopted. Many adoptions of all sorts of scenarios of life, has been for the greater goods both for child and parents. A minority has ended differently. Therefore we assume that adoption is good for the children who are left by themselves. It's better for them to live and be brought up by a person, two person or several persons (e.g. family). So when someone tells me that a child has a right to have a mommy and a daddy, therefore homoparental adoption is wrong - I can't agree with that.

So many jurisdictions have accepted single parent adoption: just a mom or just a dad, no 'pairing up'. For those claiming that the child will face discrimination at school for having a papa and a daddy? It is sad to say that children can be mean and some will just be mean no matter what. The poor kid will be mocked for his appearance and situation, the rich kid as well. The Asian girl will be thrown unspeakable insults when her so called friends learn that she is a part of a non-Asian family. The baby that ends up having parents as 'grandparents' when he is 20, because his parents decided to adopt in their late 40s, will also be 'judged through society's eye. Ever watched the 'Blind Sight' movie? There is another example of challenges of adoption.

So instead of us determining what's 'fair' for others... why can't we think of what is just for all? Justice translates in my sense to insure that the child welfare is priority. So my question is: If we have tolerated and accepted, perhaps not socially but at the very least legally, all forms of adoption BUT homoparental adoption, is it just? Is it human? And finally is it fair? I am not adopted and I am lucky to have both parents still walking this earth. However, I do believe the most important thing that my parents have provided me is love and emotional support. A child needs love to grow, to be complete, to feel safe, to live. Emotional support is equally vital - I call my parents still whenever I need to talk or share some news. I sincerely think, that if I had two mommies or two daddies, or just one parent - as long as I have the love and support, I believe that I will be perfectly fine and happy. Before you go apeshit and call this 'assumption' of mine irrelevant. Please bear in mind, I am just saying what I think and feel. If you disagree, it's your right.

Love is caring and caring can be provided by a or many human beings regardless of who they are. I am all in for the possibility of having adoption available for good, loving and caring people. After all, family is the foundation of society and it is important. A family is difficultly composed of only one individual. (However, some people will say that family isn't everything and they don't need it. But that's another discussion).

Finally, you may disagree with me and my thoughts here. The purpose of this article isn't about trying to convince you to change your mind. For divergent opinions create better understanding of the world. All I hope is that if you are against homoparental adoption, you are capable of listening to this rambling of mine from a human heart not one dictated by your beliefs or dogmas.