Homophobic Tweets: Stars And Public Figures Charged With Using Gay Slurs And Derogatory Statements On Twitter (PHOTOS)

The advent of microblogging has undoubtedly made the role of celebrity publicist more challenging than ever before.

With Twitter and other popular social media allowing instant access to fans, many stars and public figures have gotten themselves into hot water for posting statements and other materials that are quickly deemed homophobic or otherwise insensitive, leaving their publicists to deal with extensive damage control. Currently facing such charges is British soccer player Hope Akpan, who has been fined since reportedly posting, "Gays all over tele what’s wrong with britain! Sorry I’m #FullyHomophobic."

Akpan now joins the ranks of public figures whose tweets have been deemed homophobic. In May, country star Blake Shelton was forced to apologize after posting revised lyrics to a Shania Twain song which read in part, "Any man that tries touching my behind he's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy."

Welsh rugby player Kristian Phillips, rapper 50 Cent and even singer Katy Perry, whose dance pop hits like "I Kissed A Girl" have become favorites in the gay community, have all been similarly accused of posting derogatory remarks toward LGBT people on their Twitter accounts.

Take a look at celebrities and other public figures who have taken heat for allegedly homophobic postings on Twitter:

Homophobic Tweets By Celebs