Honda Recall 2010: Thousands Of Cars Recalled For Window Defect

A Honda recall has been announced today, Jan. 29, 2010, just days after a massive 2010 Toyota recall affected 2.3 million vehicles.

The 2010 Hoyota recall affects some 646,000 cars and was announced due to an apparent window issue.

The concern is that window switches can overheat if exposed to liquid, causing smoke, melting or even a fire, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Honda recall, like the Toyota one, comes at a "bad time for the industry as it struggles to lure buyers back to showrooms after a sales slump," per The Globe And Mail.

Jazz models, known as Fit in some countries, are affected by the Honda recall, which spans the globe but does not include Japan itself.

Some in Japan worry that both recalls could have an affect on Japan's image as an automobile producer and its economy.

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