Another Honest College Ad That Proves All These Schools Have The Same Commercial

If you didn't believe it before, believe it now.

Last week we found a pretty spot on video parodying virtually every college commercial. It turns out there was another highly accurate satire video made a few years ago proving every college commercial is the same -- this one is about "Quendelton State University" and it was crafted by the good people of College Humor. It might be from 2008, but the fact that the commercial is still so accurate should tell you something.

QSU just started a $20 million renovation on the campus rec center, one of the commercial's actors boasts, "but we won't be here to see it!" Yep, that happens. As the video notes, just because the university's sports team isn't winning or even competing for a national championship doesn't mean students won't still use the losing games as an excuse to get drunk -- that happens too.

One student in the commercial shows off how he's able to play "Tekken" in class on what appears to be a PSP. Jeez, this really is from 2008.

Hopefully college marketing departments everywhere are seeing these videos.