Honest Logos: Viktor Hertz Designs Reveal The 'Truth' Behind Brands (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Brand's True Colors?

With these 'honest logos' Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz shows he feels your consumerist pain. In an attempt to clear the smoke and mirrors out of big brands, Hertz redesigned several logos to reflect their actual use. The Youtube logo has been playfully changed to 'Cat Videos,' Facebook changed to 'Procrastination.' Hertz' re-imagining of brand logos cuts to the core of our human nature.

False advertising is an unfortunate facet of our consumer-driven world. The term usually applies to false claims made in advertising, but nowadays, every product seems to be to be a little dishonest in its portrayal. Don't you wish companies would just fess up and tweak their advertising to reflect what their product is actually used for?

While we try to mask our actual intentions when using common products, Hertz' redesign hits hard and true. You may never be able to eat at McDonald's or watch MTV again without having moment of reflection, reading into why you use these things in your everyday life.

Hertz does not have any grand scheme for this project; he merely injects a little bit of flavor into your advertisement-drenched day. Hertz muses, "Some are cheap, some might be a bit funny, some will maybe be brilliant. I don't know."

Honest Logos By Viktor Hertz

Honest Logos By Viktor Hertz

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