21 Honest Marriage Vows That Couples Should Actually Make

"I vow to grab your butt every day we're together forever and ever."

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health." We've heard those words time and time again.

Though traditional marriage vows have served couples well for many years, they don't always capture what it really takes to make a modern marriage work. We asked HuffPost readers to tell us what realistic vows they would add to spruce up the old standbys. Their responses did not disappoint:

1. "I vow to always move your shoes out of the middle of the floor, no matter how many times a day your feet decide to leave them there." -- Lyle S.

2. "I promise to never, ever hide mushrooms in anything. Ever." -- Kyleigh K.

3. "I promise not to spoil 'Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones' for you -- unless you seriously piss me off." -- Bernice G.

4. "I vow to grab your butt every day we're together forever and ever." -- David J.

5. "I promise to always listen, even when you ramble." -- Christina C.

6. "Do you promise to not leave just one swallow of tea in the pitcher in the refrigerator, and do you promise to empty one carton of milk before you open another one?" -- Robin T.

7. "I promise not to eat your candy stash, even if I do feel like you're taking way too long to bust into it." -- Amelia S.

8. "Do you promise to always let me be the shoe in Monopoly, and never stick me with the thimble when we play with friends?" -- Chris B.

9. "Do you promise to not fall asleep when I pick the movie on Netflix?" -- Daggermouth R.

10. "I promise not to tell you the ending of a movie I haven't seen yet or the conclusion of a book that I'm currently reading." -- Debra Lynn B.

11. "I promise to always give you the least burnt pieces of bacon when I make bacon." -- Felicia E.

12. "I promise to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty." -- Emily G.

13. "I promise to align my dishwasher loading technique with yours." -- Deb K.

14. "I vow to always let the driver pick the route. We read somewhere that there's always six ways to get anywhere, so why fight about it?" -- Jody B.

15. "Do you promise to always try a new restaurant with me and never without me?" -- Sourma K.

16. "I promise to always pee with the door shut to keep the mystery alive." -- Katie S.

17. "I promise not to talk over you especially when I know you're right." - Cee Cee

18. "I promise to stop answering your question of 'Where should we go eat?' with the question of 'I don't know, where do you want to go eat?'" -- Sarah B.

19. "I promise not to look at you like, 'I'm surprised you don't already know this.'" -- Terri H.

20. "I vow to make sure we aren't just hangry before yelling at each other." -- Kristin Y.

21. "I promise to always have the house stocked with bacon and toilet paper!" --Brittany S.

If marriage vows were honest...
If marriage vows were honest...

**Note: Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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