Honest Toddler Is Just Fine In Pull-Ups, So Leave It Alone

Things have been a little wild for Honest Toddler lately, what with the legal battle and all. And the tot has been pushing out developments on Twitter.

The good news, though, is it hasn't totally consumed him, as he's still tweeting about other topics too. Consider, for instance, a tweet from earlier this month. Despite the fact that it's still summer, HT is already thinking ahead to Christmas: "Hey Santa, I know you check your list twice but keep hitting refresh because I think I can make up for this morning." And it seems the words in his Twitter bio -- "Not potty trained. Not trying." -- remain at least partially true, as he's not quite ready to commit to undies: "Parent Tip: Pull Ups are the nicotine gum of the toddler community. Leave it alone."

For more hilarious tweets from Honest Toddler, including his thoughts on the paleo diet and "guilt-free desserts," click through the gallery below.