The Honest Trailer For 'Aladdin' Will Make You Question Everything

Starring Iago, the "original Angry Bird."

Once again, Screen Junkies has shown that our favorite children's animated features are not nothing but innocent, time-honored fables when we take a hard look at them as jaded adults.

Take "Aladdin." The 1992 Disney classic, starring Robin Williams as the voice of the magic genie, told the tale of Aladdin, "a hunky beef with no home, no parents and no nipples," who proved true love knows no socioeconomic boundaries when he falls in love with a princess with the ultimate first world problem: She doesn't want to be a princess. 

Set in Agrabah, "an ancient-ish, Arab-ish land," the movie taught that "it's not how rich you are, but what's inside that counts, if by 'inside' you mean the inside of a magic lamp that makes you rich" -- all to joyful melodies like "The Kidnap Your Date Song." 


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