Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

Here are three tips on developing honesty that will assist you in becoming the kind of person people love to be associated with.
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The success principle of honesty is a lost art among many people.

To be honest is a part of success, because it shows that a person can be trusted. When we are people of our word, letting our yea be yea, and our nay, nay, we actually reveal that we are worth doing business with. Our word should be our bond. When we say we will do something, people ought to be able to carry that to the bank.

Honesty shows that we honor those with whom we associate. We respect them. It does not matter how good we are with our talents and gifts. Regardless of how well we do what we do, if our words cannot be trusted, people will lose faith in us. People love to do business with those who are fair, honest and reliable. Actually, if you are going to attract the attention of the key players in the business world, those who stand out above the rest, you will have to learn how to be honest in your dealings with your fellowman. Your reputation will get around before you arrive on the scene.

People are always talking, and if you are not an honest person, word will get around that you cannot be trusted. Your character, the Book of Proverbs points out, is more valuable than silver or gold. This is true, even though many in today's society do not want to believe it.

If you are a liar, or someone who cheats people out of their money by taking the money and then refuse to do the job you were hired to do, or refuse to do the job well, then you will find that people who could enrich you, will avoid you at all costs.

You cannot do away with the fact that you are judged by your character above all else. People may admire what you have, but who you are matters much more.

Here are three tips on developing honesty that will assist you in becoming the kind of person people love to be associated with:

1. Be quick to hear, but slow to speak. Do your best to only give your word, when you are serious about keeping it. Your word must mean something. It must have value. Let your yes be yes, and your no, no.

2. Do not practice trying to always get something for nothing. Never practice stealing from anybody. Always do your best to do whatever job you take on. Be your best and do your best. Let people see that you can be counted on to accomplish goals and assigned tasks and to do so to the best of your ability.

3. If you mess up or make a mistake, be quick to take responsibility for your actions, and make restitution. Do not allow others to have to pay for your failures. Man up. Woman up. Yes, you may be chewed out. But when people see that you refuse to throw the blame and that you are willing to be responsible for your own actions, they will sense that you are a person who can be trusted.

Never be afraid to be honest and live honorably before men. Your character will last long after you are gone.

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