Australian Video Celebrating Good Samaritans Goes Viral (VIDEO)

WATCH: Australian Video Celebrating Good Samaritans Goes Viral

A video produced by National Australia Bank celebrating Good samaritans has gone viral.

Filmed using hidden cameras, the clip follows the antics of regular people who decide to return a pair of sunglasses that they find near the entrance of a shopping center.

A fake lost-and-found booth is assembled in the mall and a pair of sunglasses are planted strategically on the ground.

Several people are then shown picking up the sunglasses and handing them over to the person manning the lost-and-found counter.

Instead of a simple thank you, the good deed is rewarded with unexpected recognition.

As they walk through the shopping center, their names and faces begin appearing all around them. From advertising screens to the icing of a cake, their simple act of kindness is celebrated for everyone to see.

The reaction of the people being pranked is, of course, priceless. From laughter to embarrassed disbelief, there is no shortage of both incredulity and delight.

"We've seen so many Australians demonstrating their honesty, we'd thought we'd say thanks in the biggest way possible," said the video description accompanying this YouTube clip.

The promotional video, entitled 'Honesty shouldn't go unrewarded,' has attracted more than 380,000 views since its release last month.

While there have been some questions about the ad's authenticity, the NAB website maintains that it was an actual stunt carried out at a local shopping center.

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