Honey Badger Takes On Python, 2 Jackals In Fatal Fight

Video captured in Botswana shows how the honey badger deals with being strangled by the snake and menaced by the jackals.

This is one bad-ass beast.

A ferocious honey badger valiantly fought a giant python and two jackals in a desperate struggle captured on camera. (See the full clip below.)

Tourist Roselyne Kerjosse filmed the battle in Chobe Park, Botswana, in November, according to Caters, which posted the edited footage on YouTube Monday.

The honey badger and the snake are locked in mortal combat when a jackal enters the picture. The snake appears to be strangling the badger, but the mammal slips free and gets the upper hand on the python, dragging it.

Another jackal then enters the fray and the two menace the badger, leading to a tug of war over the now-motionless python. Despite being outnumbered, the badger shows itself to be a true warrior.

See what happens in the video here:

But was the result a surprise?

Guinness World Records refers to the honey badger as the world’s most fearless animal, according to honeybadger.com.

And, well, there’s plenty of video evidence of this “nasty ass” skunk-like creature’s tenacity.

Like the narrator below says, “Honey badger don’t care.”

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