What a Cray Cray Election! (Just Vote Honey Badger!)

WATERLOO, IA - SEPTEMBER 27: Voting booths are set up for early voting at the Black Hawk County Courthouse on September 27, 2
WATERLOO, IA - SEPTEMBER 27: Voting booths are set up for early voting at the Black Hawk County Courthouse on September 27, 2012 in Waterloo, Iowa. Early voting starts today in Iowa where in the 2008 election 36 percent of voters cast an early ballot. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Okay, it's totally true: this election year has been hot and heavy! I mean, can you believe how cray cray?! There are so many issues on the plate,it's mind-numbing, and every debate brought with it fire and brimstones! Yet what's most interesting to me at this point are those who are still undecided. And as much as those who have their minds made up seem annoyed by the ambivalence of those undecideds, I understand why one wouldn't know which way to fly.

Both candidates are certainly likeable, but let's face it -- at this time in our nation, likeability takes a backseat to responsibility and good ol' fashioned know-how. Ooooh -- have you noticed how frequently everyone "fact checks"? Fact checking has become this crazy obsession and is often performed before the words even come out of the candidates' mouths! It made me wonder more than ever, "How in the world did we function before these computers and robots?" Would fact checking have hurt Coolidge? Nixon? Adams? Whateves, I'm sure their ads would have been amazing!

It's tough also because both men are oh-so handsome and seem to have a sense of style, which is fantastic! The last thing we need is a schlub in the White House! Goodness, could you imagine? A schluby president? Oh dear, well, as we all know, both President Obama and Governor Romney really went all out, and why not? These are the puppy days of the election and the votes are what they need most now.

One thing I wish I heard more of are the plans for our own communities and the end of homelessness. It, no jokes, looks like The Grapes of Wrath throughout our country; a lot of the homeless are comprised, sadly, of families and children. What's to be done with them? And when can we expect the price of living to change for the better? I mean, if the bottom is gonna drop out of the markets and our economy looks like a scene out of Titanic, why can't more community outreach programs be instituted?

Look, we as humans have to look out for one another and our planet. If you're confused about who to vote for or have flat out decided on the rotten alternative -- not voting -- to you I say, call upon your inner honey badger and vote as such. There is, ultimately, no reason why you should have to vote for either candidate if you truly feel deep down, neither is the right choice to steer the course of our country. But vote!

You see, if one votes "Honey Badger," they send the message, "Hey, hit the refresh button -- let's start anew and examine who has the interests of the American people in mind." It means one can tell government to fly a kite and take a chill pill -- we want to assemble our own dream team. We as Americans have this right and besides, isn't it a tad daffy we have't a third party candidate? Who are they to propose we MUST choose between two men?!

The time has come to hit pause, check ourselves and find an appropriate leader who will honestly take to heart all of our nation's issues, and promote the progression of community-based institutions and programs. With more green energy resources, we not only become less dependent on others for their resources, we save our planet while creating more jobs and communities. In this day and age, our children are barely out and about playing in the snow, the sunshine. Instead, we all sit behind computers and reduce our time interacting with others, face-to-face. We're due for that sense of community again. It helps us thrive as a nation and instills that sense of pride we once had. Honey badgers just take what they want; when they're hungry, they're hungry! We are honey badgers!

So, in case you were wondering, Honey Badger does care about some things! Supporting and empowering community is the first step towards real change! This means buying locally at all possible times. Make a pact you won't support with more than 10 percent of your income commodities and services outside of a 100-mile range (you can do it!).

The Earth we got now? Yeah, it's ours to care for which means we gotta do everything we can to work towards undoing any damage that has been done and create new systems that more mirror natural cycles. Honey Badger knows that this is the only planet we have right now and that if we don't care for it there won't be any rats, snakes, or sweet honey to eat (so gross)! The party is willing to take the measures necessary to make the changes necessary to move our world toward a more sustainable future. He'll take on the rats and snakes that want to keep environmental policies that pollute our air and water. It's time to rethink waste and pay attention to the Earth from which we all come!

Our dependence on fossil fuel, and especially our country's foreign oil spending habit, will prove detrimental to our survival as a species. Honey Badger endorses the Cordis waste-to-energy system that converts waste into clean renewable electricity, heating and cooling. Power to the people starts at a community scale; the Honey Badger believes in creating energy cooperatives where members become their own utility! Can y'all dig it?!

Since everyone got all slap-happy with their political ads this year (there's one every second! I poop you not!), here's one for the Vote Honey Badger campaign! Remember, we do have the choice! To learn more and get nasty, visit: www.honeybadger2012.com