'Honey Sex': Israeli Health Ministry Warns Against Dangerous, Sweet Erotic Stimulant

Israeli Health Ministry Says 'Honey Sex' Is Bad For You

For anyone having too sweet a new year, consider yourself warned.

The Israeli Health Ministry is cautioning citizens against a new erotic stimulant known as "Honey Sex."

Israel's Pharmaceutical Crime Unit discovered the tasty item, available in pharmacies and natural food markets, and sent samples to a Jerusalem laboratory, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Scientists tested the "Honey Sex" and discovered the chemical Sildenafil, known as the active ingredient in the erectile disfunction drug Viagra.

The Health Ministry is warning Israelis against using the sweet stimulant. Consuming "Honey Sex" without consulting a medical professional could lead to heart problems or other side effects, the government statement said.

As an alternative, curious individuals who don't strictly follow the laws of Kashrut might consider Baconlube, a savory sexual lubricant with smokey pork flavoring.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article mistakenly referred to "Honey Sex" as a sexual lubricant.

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