Powerful New Ad Reminds Us That Blended Families Are 'Not Broken'

A powerful new ad from Honey Maid is championing an idea we've been on board with for years: just because your family has been through a divorce does not mean it is broken. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

As part of their "this is wholesome" campaign, Honey Maid is shedding light on a family type rarely seen in marketing: the blended family. In this new commercial -- which Honey Maid posted to YouTube on Sept. 7 -- we meet Isaac, a young boy with two moms and two dads as a result of remarriage.

"Sometimes it's hard to explain our family to people," Isaac says in the commercial. "The difference between the two families is, my step dad had black hair and my dad has brown."

According to Honey Maid's ad, more than 40 percent of Americans today are part of a blended family -- which means Isaac and his step-siblings aren't so different after all.

Watch the commercial above and tell us about your blended family on Twitter using the hashtag #NotBroken and #ThisIsWholesome.

[H/T AdWeek]

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