Honeymoon Etiquette: Who Pays For The Honeymoon?

Who Pays For The Honeymoon, Anyway?

You've probably heard that, traditionally, the bride's parents are responsible for paying for the wedding (though, these days, more couples are paying for their own weddings, or splitting the cost between their families). But are there similar rules for other parts of the Big Day?

Last week, HuffPost Weddings reader Terry wrote to us with just such a question: "We are the groom's parents. Who is responsible for paying for the honeymoon?"

We asked celebrity wedding planner and etiquette expert Sharon Sacks for her take:

Each wedding’s situational and the financial responsibilities are always unique. Traditionally, the groom and the groom’s family pay for the honeymoon, but in this day and age the traditional rules don’t apply. I often see the parents of both the bride and the groom paying for the wedding and allowing the couple the freedom to organize and pay for their honeymoon together. If you would like to maintain tradition as the groom’s family then pay for the honeymoon, but don’t feel obligated ... The bride shouldn’t expect you to take on undue financial burden just for tradition. It doesn’t have to be your responsibility, but traditionally it is!

Our readers on Twitter had a lot to say the topic, too. Click through the slideshow below to read their thoughts, then share yours in the comments!

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