Honeymoon in Vegas : See What Happens

It's nice to find a show like Honeymoon In Vegas that doesn't take itself too seriously. That's what you'd hope for from a show that's based on a forgettable 1992 movie that's most famous for its "Flying Elvises." What makes the show most enjoyable is how on board everyone is beginning with the whole cast and extending all the way through the entire crew.

It is nothing but a ball of joy wrapped up as a Broadway musical. Jason Robert Brown and Tom Murray present a night to remember with light comedy, sweet music, and plenty of excitement. The story centers on a couple (Rob McClure and Brynn O'Malley in the lead roles) that have gone to Vegas to get hitched, only to find their plans derailed by the guy's, Jack, mistake of accepting an invitation to play poker with a wealthy no-goodnik, played by a charming and charismatic Tony Danza. It's almost unnecessary to follow the story, which is intended to be lighthearted and secondary to the festivities going on in Vegas, and then, in a small twist, in Hawaii.

Costume designer Brian Hemesath does a remarkable job matching the show's silliness to a tee, with a closet full of unexpected charades, props, and assorted hijinks that will leave you marveling at what you've seen for the first and (probably) the last time in your life. Anna Louizos equally offers set design that will leave you wanting to stay as far away as possible from Sin City, in the absolute best possible way. David Josefsberg and Nancy Opel are among the well-instructed and talented cast that carry the torch across the finish line.

What else can you expect from a show that's built around an engaged man losing his girlfriend to a mobster in a poker game? By the time the end of the second act rolls around, you're bracing for the arrival of the Flying Elvises who arrive just in the knick of time and to much fanfare from the audience. Even that gimmick is well-thought-out and delivers on its promise.