Hong Kong's Michelin-Starred Chefs Make Their US Debut at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic

Hong Kong, always a culinary destination, is known as Asia's World City. The food displays great cultural diversity with a huge range of restaurants. Great food adventurers would have to put Hong Kong at the top of their "bucket list."
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Some of Hong Kong's greatest culinary talent will be on display this weekend at the 29th Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado. The Hong Kong Tourism Bureau has brought the considerable talents of two restaurants that have achieved the rarified prestige of two Michelin stars.

Executive Chef Siu Hin Chi from T'ang Court at the Langham, Hong Kong, Executive Sous Chef Wong Chi Fai and Fryer No.3, and Raymond Wong of Ming Court at Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong are displaying their skills in the Grand Pavilion next to the most famed chefs in America. This is their culinary debut in the United States, cooking their signature dishes to an estimated crowd of over 5,000 people.

About Ming Court at Langham Place, Mongkok Hong Kong (source)
Illustrating Cantonese culinary mastery at its finest, Ming Court was awarded two stars by the world's most prestigious restaurant guide-Michelin. Two stars indicate: "Excellent cuisine, worth a detour...skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality." Ming Court profiles a sophisticated contemporary menu crafted by the esteemed Executive Chef Tsang Chiu King. The cuisine is matched by the thoughtful service of Frank Chan and his front of the house staff. The modern décor profiles a great collection of replica Ming Dynasty pottery as well as ink landscape paintings by leading contemporary Chinese artists.

About T'ang Court st The Langham, Hong Kong (source)
Two Michelin starred T'ang Court has long been regarded as one of Hong Kong's finest Cantonese restaurants. The restaurant showcases authentic Cantonese dishes, and serves a repertoire of time-tested classics in a luxurious ambiance, reminiscent of the glory days of the Tang Dynasty. T'ang Court is beautifully decorated in red and gold silk and adorned with contemporary sculptures. The restaurant's five dining rooms are named after Tang Dynasty poets, and only accessible by a spiral staircase. Executive Chef Siu Hin Chi is a traditionalist and superior craftsman, having started his career as an apprentice at the age of 17. He has served under many renowned Chinese chefs and has poured his more than twenty years of culinary expertise into the restaurant's menu.

Hong Kong Is a Food Mecca
Hong Kong, always a culinary destination, is known as Asia's World City. The food displays great cultural diversity with a huge range of restaurants. Traditional Dim Sum, traditional Cantonese disciplines have many outlets, but so do fusion cuisines and satisfying soup meals. In the city, there are more than 40 fine dining restaurants that have earned Michelin stars. Great food adventurers would have to put Hong Kong at the top of their "bucket list."

Asian Food & Wine
Although Asian food has not traditionally thought of as an easy pairing with wine, many of the world's best sommeliers have debunked this thought process. Champagne and sparkling wine, aromatic whites, such as Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, and Chenin Blanc; and reds with soft tannins, such as Gamay and Barbera seem to interact with the complex flavors incredibly well.

Hong Kong's Insatiable Desire for the World's Greatest Wines
Hong Kong's current desire for fine wines has gained it global status and wine auction capital of the world, surpassing both London and New York. Many of the iconic producers, who had sold their wines in the United States and other world markets, have diverted their supplies to feed the incredible, and growing demand for the iconic wines of the world. Sluggish economic markets in some countries have allowed for wines normally allocated for this market, to be shifted to Hong Kong, where they are offering inflated prices. In particular, the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy seem most prized although status brands from around the world are found at Hong Kong's hotels, restaurants, and cutting edge wine bars.

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival
Hong Kong will be hosting a major culinary festival, Wine & Dine Festival, from October 27th through October 30th this year. For more information, check out www.discoverhongkong.com/usa.