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Hong Sungchul's 'String Mirrors' Depict Human Body On Hundreds Of Elastic Strings (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hong Sungchul creates mesmerizing images of body parts out of hundreds of elastic strings. His work is On Hada Contemporary gallery's page, the Korean artist says his string symphonies are a "representation of what ties humans together from the earliest stage of life -– the umbilical chord." These sculptures are far more appealing than any umbilical cords we've ever seen.

The works tease the eye, daring us to reach out and pluck a string. Many of the figures move and make noise, the aural resonance replicating the vibrations of the strings. In this way, the typical stand-offish nature of the art gallery gives way to a community-based approach, something the artist attributes to his Korean heritage.

We can't stop looking at these 3D hallucinatory visions. Also, we can't help but wonder if Tupac will be Sungchul's next subject...

Check out some of the images below and watch the figures come to life in the video below.

hong ya