Honor Love, Our Power, and Ourselves

I recently sat down and spoke with Mallika Chopra about her new book Living with Intent. It sparked an engaging dialogue about the power of women--what expands and what contracts it. I filmed this discussion and made it into a series of short videos. The first segment can be viewed by clicking here.

Below are some of the highlights from our interview:

Mallika believes that unlike goals, intentions come from our soul. "When we live with intent," she says, "we honor love, relationship, and ourselves." She shared a wonderful practice with me -- to check in and ask ourselves:

Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?

This resonated with me, having practiced meditation for many years. As a writer and television host, my deepest desire is to be of service. I have created my company Creative Expansions, Inc. based on a mission of empowering women and girls. Stepping outside my comfort zone many times, I have experienced fear, but I have found that "Coming from a spirit of service trumps fear any day." Having a desire to serve women and girls is stronger than any of my fears, and that propels me forward.

Mallika also talked about our perfectionism as women, and how we forget that our best is good enough. She reminds us to "embrace our imperfections" and not let them hold us back from taking action. Mallika believes in community -- how important it is for women to reach out for help. She says, "The future of humanity depends upon feminine leadership arising."

We both have suffered from addictions. Mallika's was sugar and mine was overeating. No amount of sugar or food can fill the emptiness one feels. What I know now, is that the craving I felt was not for food, it was for love and self-acceptance. From my suffering came transformation. I have lived in a healthy body, free of addiction for several decades now. What almost caused me to take my life in my early 20's is now the basis for the work I do. I was helped early on by so many people, I want to give back to others what I've learned.

Our conversation ran deep. This lovely woman who shared an hour of her time with me touched my soul, and I will never be the same. That is the real gift that one woman can bring to another--the gift of Love.