Honor, Loyalty, Trust... What Happened? Veterans Deserve Better!

You don't have to look too far to see several reports on corruption with the Veterans Administration and non-profit organizations that were founded to support the Veterans. I would contend that this corruption is not new and has been going on for decades in some form or another. There are reports that go back to the early 1920s documenting scandals happening starting with the original Veterans Bureau and continuing with the Veterans Administration. To an even greater extent the government not properly providing the benefits to the veterans goes back to the Revolutionary War when it was left up to the states to handle. This corruption has continued to come to light in various areas. The short list below is in almost every report written on the situation:

  • Misuse of funds
  • Intentionally hiding records that need to be entered
  • Intentionally falsifying data in patient records
  • Intentionally slow rolling applicants

According to gazette.com, in one investigation they found "68 percent of 450 veteran cases reviewed faced delays of more than 30 days for care." This is alarming to think that the issue is this large and that there are that many Veterans suffering as a result. Gazette.com also pointed out some Veterans having been quoted saying, "At some point, you say it's not worth the struggle. It's not worth the fight" and "The VA never ceases to disappoint me as a veteran," this is the support we give our Veterans?

These issues are plaguing Veterans of all eras. Not only is there corruption in the lack of care that they are receiving but for those that are older and unable to handle their own finances they are being robbed blind by those appointed to handle their fiduciary responsibilities.

There have cases reported of thousands of Veterans claim letters being ignored to the point that when they were finally responded to over half of them had passed away. There are clear records of this dating back to the mid '90s in one location alone.

The Inspector General has probed many facilities across the Nation to find the same alarming number of issues going on. Not only did they find corruption but they also found several non-qualified employees in the process.

If the issues at the VA are not bad enough some of the well-known Non-Profits have had issues of corruption within their organization. One of the most well-known and recent situations was with the Wounded Warriors Project. For many months there had been speculation and evidence of misuse of the funds that the organization was receiving. According to information compiled by www.diversityinc.com, specifically with the senior leadership of the organization, the CEO and COO were fired as a result of the lavish spending they allowed on $800 million dollars the organization was entrusted with over the past 4 years. A watch dog group had found that the Wounded Warrior Project was only allocating 60% of the money to Veterans. While other Non-Profits are allocating 98% of their money to Veterans as they should. Individuals and organizations who donate money do so with the intention this will be used appropriately and for the Veterans.

What is very clear is that this corruption is leading to deaths of our Veterans in many ways.

Landmark Life Coaching's Mission is to honorably and respectfully serve courageous groundbreakers and transitioning veterans to persevere in defining and executing their future by providing an atmosphere of comradery and trust that honors their dedication and commitment. This will empower our clients to feel whole, honored, respected and fulfilled in defining and living their life purpose.