This Might Be Humans Of New York's Most Moving Series Yet

The blog is currently raising money to fight pediatric cancer.

Humans of New York captured both the fear and strength kids and their loved ones experience while dealing with pediatric cancer through this boy's story.

As part of a current series focusing on the pediatric unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, photojournalist Brandon Stanton recently spotlighted a boy named Gabe and his family.

From Gabe's earth-shattering diagnosis, to his cancer treatments, to the emotional toll the disease took on his parents, who are Albanian immigrants, the boy's story demonstrates how drastically lives can change after the disease. Despite the hardships, Gabe seems to maintain a positive outlook, even offering hopeful words of advice for parents whose kids are going through a similar situation. 

"The hardest part will be seeing your child with a line to a machine that gives them weird medications that might hurt and make them sad," Gabe explained. "Then you can give your child a lot of hugs because that will make them less sad. And your child will say: ‘Don’t worry Mom, I love you and I’m going to make it through this.’ And then you can hug them even more."

HONY is currently holding a fundraiser to help fight pediatric cancers like Gabe's with two-thirds of the funds going toward cancer research at the hospital, while the remaining third will go to support for kids with the disease and their families. In just two weeks, the fundraiser's already brought in more than $1.8 million, surpassing the initial $1 million goal. With two days left in the fundraiser, Stanton now hopes to raise a total of $2 million.

To read Gabe's story, check out the posts below.