'Hook, Line, And Sisters' Premiere: Anderson Family Boat Gets Hit Hard In Collision (VIDEO)

TLC knows there's more reality entertainment to be mined out of both fishing and Alaska, so they combined the two in their latest reality entry "Hook, Line, and Sisters" (Thu., 10 p.m. EST on TLC). The show follows the Anderson family, who have been fishing the seas around Alaska for four generations.

The show centers on sisters are Sierra and Memry, but their parents are key figures as well. While Mom runs the finances for the operation, Dad still serves as the ship's captain. Someday, though, that responsibility might fall to Sierra. The Dec. 29 premiere focused on a four-day herring crusade that showcased just how cutthroat the fishing business can be.

Post-tsunami, Japanese demand dropped, meaning prices are lower and the competition is even more brutal. Since that makes for some dangerous navigating -- as boats are just as dangerous as motor vehicles on land, but far more difficult to stop or turn -- the Andersons suffered a brutal collision when another boat simply plowed into them rather than stopping.

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