Hooters Turns 30, Doesn't Look A Day Over 29 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Hooters, Then And Now

On Friday, Oct. 4, Hooters turns 30. Prior to its 30th birthday, the country's most well-known breastaurant already underwent some plastic surgery, including a new logo, an overhaul of the original location and a re-design.

To celebrate its new phase of adulthood, the chain is hosting a birthday bash on Friday, featuring reunions of former Hooters Girls.

The Hooters waitress uniform is now a well-known part of Americana, for better or worse. The outfit, like the restaurant itself, has seen a lot of changes over the years. Check out some images of the Hooters of yore, featuring some well-known celebrities. Though, we've got to admit, the clothing from a few decades ago is a lot less shocking than the hairstyles.

Original Menu
Original Restaurant
Early Days
David Copperfield
George H.W. Bush
Jay Leno
Wade Boggs
Modern Day
Modern Day

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