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Welp... People Disappointed In: Hooters Edition

These restaurant reviewers are way more detestable than Hooters.
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By Chris Stang

Our continuing series showcasing the best of user generated reviews on the web, this time on the topic of on the world/Florida's most famous breast-raunt.

This Guy Is Actually Quite Satisfied

Thank god for Thunderbird.

Retirement Plan


Catcher In The Fries

"Eventually I tried to give that long stare like hello I am here but the catchers mitts didn't process." You're hired.

Father Of The Year

The one in San Antonio really is so much better.

The Wings Are Good But This Is A Terrible Office

Also, the printer was out of ink.

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.

Megan is a horrible.

Enough said.

Pretty sure Paco doesn't get it.

Twinky sounds pretty cool though.