Here's Something Easy You Can Do To Support The Future Of Women's Rights

#HopeForOurDaughters is a new campaign affiliated with "Suffragette."

Equal rights have come a long way since the events depicted in "Suffragette," but the studio that distributed the movie is fighting to eradicate the gender inequality that is still pervasive nearly 100 years after women secured the ballot. 

Focus Features is launching a campaign called #HopeForOurDaughters, which asks social media users to post a photo with a message for their wishes for future generations of women. Focus will donate $1 to Equality Now for every image shared with the hashtag. The Huffington Post and its parent company, AOL, are premiering the video that launches the campaign. It features jarring stats that prove we actually haven't come that far, as well as a message from the film's star, Carey Mulligan.

Watch below and start preparing your own message.


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