Father's Day Dog Rescue Saves Three Pups -- And Their Dad

Father's Day Dog Rescue Saves Three Pups -- And Their Dad

Who doesn't love carbs?

Especially Noodle, Macaroni, Ravioli and Wonton -- the names given to three puppies and their father that were recently rescued by Hope For Paws from a steel yard in Compton, California.

"This story is so unique," Hope for Paws co-founder Eldad Hagar noted in a post on Facebook, "because the mom was never seen by the people who fed this family and called us for help. It is so unusual in the dog world, but the dad, Wonton, stayed with his babies and took care of them. He is the most patient dad I have ever seen... he loves his kids so much!!!"

A heartwarming video of their rescue captures the moment the three puppies interact with a human, armed with an ample supply of treats, for the first time. Though shy and skittish at first, the dogs quickly warm to Hagar, as evidenced by the trio of furiously wagging tails.

It wasn't without its share of difficulty, however. One of the puppies, who Hagar speculates had never had human contact before, panicked as volunteer Lisa Arturo captured the animal. Fortunately, the second and third puppies, while still timid, seemed much easier to capture.

After a quick checkup at the hospital and a much-deserved bath, the exhausted family of dogs finally let their guard down and napped together on a couch.

"He's such a good dad," Hagar remarks in the video, as the happy animals crawl all over him and lick his ears.

According to Hope For Paws, the entire family of dogs is up for adoption and are now living at the Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Visit the organization's website, here, for more information about adopting, or to donate.

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