Hope For Paws Rescues Homeless Dog Frankie From Under Busy Los Angeles Highway (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, we introduced you to a dog called Miley who was rescued from a trash heap where she'd been left to die.

In Miley's rescue video, we saw that on the road to recovery, she'd met a dog called Frankie who'd also been saved by Eldad Hagar and the Hope For Paws animal rescue team. Miley quickly took him under her wing and the two became besties.

Now, we're finally getting to see Frankie's story too.

According to a video posted by Hagar on Monday, Frankie, a chihuahua, was found living in a drain pipe under a busy highway. Hagar and his friend Lisa Chiarelli found the tiny dog nearly drowning due to heavy rains, Hagar told HuffPost in an interview.

Initially, Frankie was terrified of everything, but Miley helped him heal. The two friends are now looking for forever homes.

Watch Frankie's rescue and how his beautiful friendship with Miley developed in the video above.

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