Watch The Wonderful Moment A Rescuer Wins The Heart Of A Terrified Homeless Dog

Little Oakley just needed someone to believe in her.

In this heartwarming video, watch as so-called “dog whisperer” Eldad Hagar manages to win the trust of Oakley, a scared homeless pooch, before rescuing her from a difficult life on the streets.

Oakley, a maltese-poodle mix, had been homeless for several months when Hagar, co-founder of Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope for Paws, was informed of her plight. Hagar immediately rushed to the hospital parking lot where the pooch was living, but getting close to the dog proved to be a huge challenge.

“Living on the streets can be pretty scary, especially for a small dog like Oakley and after months of it, she had mastered her survival skills,” Hope for Paws told The Huffington Post in an email. “Unfortunately, this made it all the more difficult for Eldad to try and help her. Getting creative and a bit sneaky would become vital to save Oakley’s life.”

Hagar said he tried rescuing Oakley in the daytime, but after that attempt failed, he returned late at night and decided to approach the dog stealthily.

He finally managed to get a leash on Oakley after approaching her from behind, but the terrified canine reacted with fear and alarm. She tried to run away from her rescuer, barking wildly and shrinking away in fear.

Hagar, however, responded with words of love.

“Wait, wait, give me one second. Let’s talk about this,” he said soothingly to the scared dog, reaching out a hand. “Look, c’mon, let’s be friends.”

Oakley’s almost immediate transformation is simply remarkable.

Before long, the dog stopped barking, allowed Hagar to touch her and then carry her away to a safe place.


Soon, the duo were the best of pals.


According to Hagar, Oakley’s confidence and trust in others has grown with each passing day.

Today, she’s a “new” dog, he said, just waiting to find a forever home.


To adopt Oakley, contact the Maltese Rescue California; or visit Petfinder or your local ASPCA to find out how you can adopt animals like her.



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