Watch A Scared, Homeless Pit Bull Receive Love For The First Time

When he finally lets rescuers approach him? Your. Heart. Will. Melt.

It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness can transform a petrified pup into a playful pooch.

After Michele Claseri noticed a pit bull cowering by a Los Angeles freeway on his way to work, he contacted the rescue organization Hope For Paws to help seize the frightened dog he named Veyron. Claseri and the organization wanted to throw Veyron a bone, but the dog turned the rescue into a game of cat and mouse, as shown in the video above. 

This particular highway is extremely busy and has many high and narrow areas surrounding it, making the capture of the canine dangerous for the dog and its human rescuers.

The group followed Veyron’s trail to a small strip of grass near an overpass on the freeway. At first they couldn’t even spot the scared dog. But finding him wasn’t the only major concern.

“I don’t know how we’re even going to get out of here once we have [him],” said one volunteer.

Thankfully, someone finally discovered Veyron hiding behind tall grass.

The rescue now had to be performed with extreme caution, as described in the video above. Any sudden movements could potentially spook the nervous dog, and the volunteers did not want Veyron to mistakenly fall into traffic.

Yet after some coaxing, the exhausted dog finally gave in and allowed volunteers to approach him. A moment later, sensing the rescuers' gentle demeanor, he then allowed something even more surprising -- to be pet. 

Veyron was then whisked away to a shelter where he received a bath and a lot of love. To see Veyron’s remarkable transformation, go to Hope For Paws YouTube channel. Just make sure to have some tissues handy before clicking over!

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