Hope From Harlem

lots of candles in front of the ...
lots of candles in front of the ...

During my career I have served as a faith leader in the Bronx, Harlem, the NYPD and as the US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. I have sat with, consoled, received calls from, and was on the front lines with many members of our military, firefighters, police officers and their families during difficult times.

But one can never be prepared for the kind of call I received this past weekend. A friend's daughter is in Paris for her semester abroad, and was only two blocks from the horrific tragedy that ISIS and other hate fueled extremists perpetrated. Our nation, our family, and our district are praying for the families of those who lost loved ones, and a nation under siege.

I write to you, sending hope from Harlem, that in the midst of it all, the scripture, "God will be a very present help, a shelter in a time of storm," will help to begin the healing. We pray for our President, the President of France, and all leaders that must make some very difficult decisions. May the venomous hate and evil be destroyed.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Rev. Dr. Ambassador Suzan "Sujay" Johnson Cook

Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook is an ordained minister, who served on the front lines of 9/11 and served in the Obama administration as the 3rd US Ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom