Hope Solo Rips Brandi Chastain On Twitter: U.S. Women's Soccer Star Slams Former Player

Hope Solo Rips Former U.S. Soccer Star On Twitter

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

We have our first juicy feud of the London Olympics, and they involve two American athletes! Current US Soccer star Hope Solo and former US Soccer star Brandi Chastain just plain don't like each other. As far as the origins of the feud go, I'm not so sure, but it boiled over this afternoon on Twitter when the American GK fired a couple cannon shots at the hero of the 1999 World Cup and current NBC analyst. Solo called out Chastain for recent comments from her analyst's chair. It's appropriate that Solo's Twitter avatar is her getting ready to throw hands, because these are some haymakers...

Wow wow wee wow. Solo is no stranger to being outspoken and this isn't her first shot in the direction of Chastain. For that matter, Chastian hasn't shied away from criticizing Solo either. Regardless of who's involved, and these are two of America's biggest international stars mind you, these are some of the most biting comments you'll ever see an athlete publicly fire towards an announcer. Hope Solo isn't messing around here. We'll update if Chastain responds. Get the popcorn on standby.

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