Hope Solo Serenaded By C.J. Sapong Of Sporting Kansas City (VIDEO)

MLS Player Serenades Hope Solo, Gets Kiss In Return

If the U.S. Women's soccer team were ever to use a Major League Soccer team's training facilities to prepare for an international friendly -- like, say, the one this Saturday against Canada -- then everyone would obviously assume that one of the MLS players would serenade one of the ladies on the national team. Obviously.

The only unexpected part of the unavoidable scenario would be which of the talented females would be the focal point. Would it be the striking tandem of Alex Morgan or Abby Wambach? Perhaps it would midfielder Megan Rapinoe?

Alas, C.J. Sapong of Sporting Kansas City only has eyes -- and rhymes -- for Hope Solo. After admiring the U.S. goalie from afar all summer long, the KC striker got his chance to make an impression earlier this week and let's just say, he was on target.

Sapong had written a poem for the upcoming "Dancing With The Stars" contestant. Although the Virginian rookie had a rough start to his delivery, having to start over at one point, his rapping and inspired wordplay seemed to impress Solo and her teammates, especially one of his closing lines.

"If angels really do exist then girl you are the proof. Hope Solo, Hope Solo, can you make my dream come true? There are no beaches in KC, but a hug from you will do."

Solo made Sapong's day and not only gave him a hug, but swept him off his feet with a kiss on the cheek.

Sapong, who netted the first goal in Sporting KC's new stadium, certainly seems to know how to make a first impression.


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