Keith Olbermann Wants Hope Solo Suspended From World Cup

He says if she were in the NFL, she'd be suspended 'right now.'

Goalkeeper Hope Solo turned in a "freaking huge" performance in the U.S. team's 3-1 victory over Australia Monday in the Women's World Cup, according to teammate Megan Rapinoe.

But according to ESPN's Keith Olbermann, it should have never happened. Olbermann said Tuesday the troubled Solo should be suspended from the World Cup. Period.

"Unresolved domestic violence charges" from a June 2014 arrest accusing Solo of striking her half-sister and nephew warrant more stringent punishment, Olbermann said. He then added that he believes the situation should also cost U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati and U.S. coach Jill Ellis their jobs for turning a blind eye.

"Solo deserves immediate suspension with all rights of appeal," Olbermann said. "Ms. Ellis and Mr. Gulati, however, who have shown this condescending attitude of sports first, reality second, protect the bubble at all times, and have been the worst possible role models for and the worst possible representatives of this country, should be immediately dismissed."

Olbermann pointed out that if Solo were an NFL player, considering the high-profile cases of Ray Rice and other players in domestic violence cases, this incident would have generated immediate action. "If Hope Solo was a player in the National Football League, she'd be under suspension right now," he sad.

Olbermann's comments came on the heels of a report from ESPN's "Outside the Lines," in which details emerged of a drunken Solo allegedly being combative with cops. The case was dismissed in January on procedural grounds and Solo has maintained her innocence. But Olbermann emphasized that she has yet to be cleared, and prosecutors have appealed the ruling. He called on the powers that be, including Coach Ellis, to take forceful action.

"Domestic violence is at epidemic levels, the victims are usually women," Olbermann said. "The coach of the women’s national soccer team of this country is not only willfully ignoring unresolved domestic violence charges against her star goalie, but she also seems proud of ignoring them."

Check out the full commentary above.

Watch the "Outside the Lines" segment:

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