Hopenhagen Ambassador Official Contest Rules

Hopenhagen Ambassador Official Contest Rules

Overview of Official Rules

These rules are divided into 3 parts:

•A description of the Contest Basics, Contest Prize, and Duties of the Winner;
•The General Rules for participation; and
•Legal Terms and Conditions

Part 1:Contest Basics, Contest Prize and Duties of the Winner:

•Contest Period: From 8 AM (EST) on Monday November 16, 2009 through 12:00 AM December 5, 2009. The contest is administered and sponsored by HuffPost. HuffPost reserves the right to modify, delay, suspend, or terminate the contest at any time in its sole discretion. Entrants must be ready and able to travel to Denmark from December 12, 2009 through December 19, 2009.

•To Enter: Go here for details. Follow the instructions to complete and submit the online contest material (the "Entry").

•How the Winner Will be Selected:

•Step 1: The "People's Choice": during the Contest Period, visitors to the HuffPost site will be permitted to vote for the best Entry based on the following criteria: originality (20%); creativity (40%); and, environmental commentary (40%). Shortly following the expiration of the Contest Period, the top ten (10) vote getters will be announced (the "Finalists"). In the event of any ties for the tenth spot, HuffPost may in its discretion increase the number of Finalists to include all contest entrants who are so tied for the tenth spot.

•Step 2: The "Judging Panel": the Finalists will be evaluated by a Judging Panel consisting of Arianna Huffington, Laurie David, HuffPost Green Editor Katherine Goldstein, other guest judges to be determined by HuffPost, and a representative of Hopenhagen.org (collectively, the "Judges"). HuffPost retains the right at any time, to modify the number of or participating panelists with or without notice. To the extent permitted by law, HuffPost disclaims any liability from, and entrants (whether or not awarded a prize) agree to waive, any claims against HuffPost and the Judges relating to the judging or awarding process. The Judges will be asked to make their selection -- from among the Finalists -- of the best Entry based on the following criteria: originality (20%), creativity (40%), and environmental commentary (40%). The person responsible for submitting the best Entry will be designated the "Hopenhagen Ambassador" for purposes of this contest.

•The Prize: The Hopenhagen Ambassador:

•will receive airfare to and accommodation in Copenhagen and have the opportunity to be part of the action at the UN Climate Conference in such city; and

•will receive accreditation to UN events and a flip camera with which to report on the daily goings on, as well as blogging privileges for the HuffPost Green section.

Note that the winner will be responsible for his or her own incidental expenses relating to the trip, e.g., meals, transportation, entertainment unrelated to the winner's duties.

•Duties: This is not a vacation. The Hopenhagen Ambassador will have the responsibility to represent the millions of passionate citizens all over the world who have joined the nation of Hopenhagen and are hopeful for a deal in Copenhagen that will determine a positive future for our planet. The Hopenhagen Ambassador will be expected to fulfill four main responsibilities:

•represent the voices of all the world's citizens at COP15;

•attend a daylong training session with HuffPost's citizen journalism editor, in person or remotely;

•cover the summit as a citizen journalist by filing daily video blogs on HuffPost Green; and

•attend events on the Ambassador's itinerary, such as a meeting with Lord Maybor Bjerregaard and events such as "Hopenhagen Live" and speak to the press about the world's hope for an agreement to be reached.

Part 2:General Rules:

1) Your Entry must be a new work.
Your Entry must be created specifically for this contest. You are not permitted to submit a pre-existing project or a project that already exists elsewhere on the web. Your project may incorporate preexisting materials, provided you modify or transform them enough to create a new, original work. There is no fee, by the way, to enter the contest.
You can launch your Entry at any time but the "People's Choice" (i.e., Step 1) portion of the contest will be based on votes accumulated as of the end of the Contest Period, without taking into account when you made your Entry.
As noted above, at the end of the Contest Period the ten (10) entries with the most number of votes as of such time will advance to the Judging Panel.

3) Your Entry must comply with the Terms of Use of The Huffington Post.
See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terms.html for more details. Also, pay attention to Part 3, as you must refrain from submitting pornography, illegal content, and the like.

4) HuffPost receives an online, royalty free license to use the Entry.
This license means HuffPost can use your Entry online for the purpose of the contest, for archives and subsequent publication, promotions, and other related uses, without any additional compensation to you. HuffPost will not transfer, royalty free license to other parties.

5) One person, one Entry.
You are only allowed to submit one Entry per person. Please note that the contest prize will only be awarded a single individual; if you work in or collaborate with a group, that group should decide in advance which member of the group -- if such group wins -- will actually receive the prize and make the trip to Copenhagen.

6) No ads, no bots, no scams.
You are permitted to lawfully promote your Entry however you see fit, with the following exceptions: you may not use paid advertisements, automated processes that fake traffic, scams that produce traffic without people actually seeing your content, or sending SPAM. HuffPost reserves the right to disallow such other forms of promotion as HuffPost may, in its discretion, determine to be inappropriate.

7) HuffPost may link to Entries while the contest is in progress.
That means you should make something appealing and promotable to increase the chances that external links may help your Entry by directing more traffic to you. Of course, employees of HuffPost and their immediate families are not eligible for any prizes in the contest.

8) Be Good.
HuffPost reserves the right to immediately remove and disqualify any Entry that does not meet the contest rules or interferes with the integrity, purpose or spirit of the contest.

9) Be creative and have fun.

Part 3:Terms and Conditions

1) THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO ENTRANTS AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER AT TIME OF ENTRY, OTHER THAN RESIDENTS OF CUBA, IRAN, SYRIA, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, MYANMAR (BURMA), OR OTHER COUNTRIES RESTRICTED BY U.S. EXPORT CONTROLS AND SANCTIONS (IT BEING UNDERSTOOD THAT THE CONTEST IS VOID IN ANY OTHER NATION, STATE, OR PROVINCE WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY U.S. LAW OR LOCAL LAW). Please note that HuffPost will not handle any visa processing for those who need visas to visit Copenhagen. Employees (and their immediate families) of HuffPost are not eligible to participate in this contest. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to be bound by the General Rules described above and these Terms and Conditions and by the decisions of the HuffPost, which are final in all matters relating to this contest.

2) No responsibility is assumed for incorrect or inaccurate Entry information whether caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this contest or by any human error which may occur in the processing of Entries into this contest. HuffPost is not responsible for lost, late, delayed, mutilated, illegible or misdirected Entries or any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of email or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion or the Internet or at any Web site or combination thereof, including injury or damage to participants or to any other person's computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in this contest. Entries that have been tampered with or altered are void. By participating in this contest, entrants acknowledge compliance with the General Rules described above and these Terms and Conditions.

3) Entries must not contain obscene or pornographic material, contain defamatory or libelous statements, invade privacy rights, exploit the images of individuals under the age of eighteen (18) or in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, Entries which contain explicit, graphic or excessive sexual activity are not allowed. When sexual themes are key to the concept or plot of an Entry they must be depicted with consistent regard for commonly accepted standards of taste and propriety. Language will be evaluated by HuffPost based on context and societal acceptability. Entries containing any inappropriate (as described above) content or which are otherwise deemed by HuffPost in its sole discretion to be inappropriate based on the foregoing criteria, will be disqualified.

4) HuffPost reserves the right to delay the announcement of the Finalists and the winner in its sole discretion. All Finalists and the winner will be notified by email or telephone. In addition, Hopenhagen.org will contact Finalists via a message to their YouTube account. HuffPost will make up to three attempts to contact each Finalist's and the winner's primary contact (as indicated on the applicable Entry). If the primary contact for any Finalist or the winner is unreachable during the 48 hours in which he or she is contacted, HuffPost will make up to three additional attempts over a 24 hour period to contact such primary contact. If after such period, the applicable Finalist or the winner is unreachable, the next top vote getting entrant may be included as a Finalist or the Judges will select an alternative winner, as applicable. In addition, HuffPost reserves the right to select an alternate winner in the event that any entrant fails to comply with the any of the General Rules described above or these Terms and Conditions.

5) Entrants, as a condition of eligibility and participation in the contest (in the absence of which an entrant would not be permitted to participate in or enter the contest): (i) release HuffPost and each of its corporate parents, subsidiaries, members, officers, directors, managers, employees, affiliated entities, consultants, volunteers, and advertising agencies, from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action for personal injury and/or damage, theft, loss, or any other harm or damages suffered in connection with this contest; (ii) except where prohibited by law, grant HuffPost the right to use his or her name and likeness and Entry for advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation; and (iii) by virtue of their entry in the contest, accept and agree to the General Rules described above and these Terms and Conditions and the other conditions of participation in this contest. Entry into this contest constitutes all entrants' agreement to sign such further releases, waivers and other instruments as the HuffPost may from time to time request or as may be otherwise necessary or desirable to more effectively implement the foregoing agreements and releases. In furtherance of the foregoing, Finalists and the winner must also complete any additional documentation provided by HuffPost and return such documentation to HuffPost within seven (7) days after receipt of such documents. Noncompliance by any participant may result in such participant's disqualification. HuffPost reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to: (a) be tampering with the Entry process or the administration of the contest or (b) be acting in violation of the General Rules described above or these Terms and Conditions. ANY VIOLATION OF THESE OFFICIAL RULES BY ANY ENTRANT (AT HUFFPOST'S SOLE DISCRETION) WILL RESULT IN SUCH ENTRANT'S DISQUALIFICATION AS A PARTICIPANT IN OR WINNER OF THE CONTEST AND ALL RELATED PRIVILEGES OF ENTRANT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED. All entrants into this contest are solely responsible for consulting with qualified professionals and investigating, understanding and complying with any and all federal, state and local laws, codes, regulations and ordinances which may apply to entrants and the activities and/or business in which such entrants may engage. There may be tax consequences associated with the prizes awarded and with any income received by a prize Recipient, which may include, without limitation, an obligation to report as income and to pay taxes on such funds/income to federal, state and/or local authorities. It is up to the prize recipients to determine the tax consequences of such funds/income, and to comply with all applicable laws in all respects, if applicable.

6) Entrants hereby agree to submit their Entries under the following terms and conditions: (i) entrants have obtained all rights, permissions and licenses necessary to use the materials submitted in connection with an Entry for any purpose; (ii) that no Entry, or any part thereof, infringes any trademark or copyright or otherwise violates anyone's right of privacy or publicity; (ii) by submitting an Entry, entrants consent to HuffPost exhibiting all materials contained therein, as contemplated under the General Rules set forth above and these Terms and Conditions; (iii) entrants shall indemnify and hold harmless HuffPost and its corporate parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, from any claims, suits, losses damages and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that arise from any breach or violation of the foregoing conditions. All entrants agree to the foregoing and in addition agree to obtain, upon request of HuffPost, any documentation and releases necessary to prove their unrestricted ownership in all materials contained in their Entries and HuffPost's right to exhibit, broadcast, copy, reproduce, encode, compress, encrypt, incorporate data into, edit, broadcast, rebroadcast, transmit, record, publicly perform, create derivative works of, and distribute and synchronize in timed relation to visual elements the foregoing materials without limitation for any purpose, without compensation to entrants. For the avoidance of doubt, entrants confirm that they have granted to HuffPost the right to exhibit, broadcast, copy, reproduce, encode, compress, encrypt, incorporate data into, edit, broadcast, rebroadcast, transmit, record, publicly perform, create derivative works of, and distribute and synchronize in timed relation to visual elements the Entry, all as and to the extent described in the General Rules set forth above and these Terms and Conditions. Entrants further agree to sign such documentation as is necessary to formalize the foregoing licenses.

11) For the names of the Finalists and the winner, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc., 560 Broadway, Suite 308 NY, NY 10012 ATTN: Chris Davis. Requests must be received by February 1, 2010.

12) This contest is sponsored by The HuffingtonPost.com, Inc., 560 Broadway, Suite 308, New York, NY 10012.

13) The Entrants agree that irreparable damage would occur in the event that any of the provisions of the General Rules set forth above or these Terms and Conditions were not performed in accordance with their specific terms or were otherwise breached. It is accordingly agreed that the HuffPost shall be entitled to an injunction or injunctions to prevent breaches of the General Rules or these Terms and Conditions and to enforce specifically the terms and provisions of the General Rules or these Terms and Conditions in any court of competent jurisdiction. The foregoing right is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other rights HuffPost may have in respect of a breach of the General Rules or these Terms and Conditions, whether at law or in equity.

14) This contest is governed by the laws of the State of New York. This contest is not valid in the state of Arizona and where prohibited or restricted by law. These official rules are subject to all applicable federal, state, local and foreign laws and regulations including any requirements/limitations imposed by the Federal Trade Commission or any other governmental agency.

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