Hops Restaurant Shuts Down Mid-Dinner Service, Tells Customers To Leave Immediately

Most of us can recall an unpleasant dining experience. But a recent incident at one North Carolina restaurant may take the cake.

Customers at Hops Grill and Brewery had their meals interrupted by police Sunday after officers came into the restaurant, at which point management told the diners the eatery was closing for good, NBC Charlotte reports. Diners received the bad news along with their checks and to-go boxes and were told they would have to leave immediately.

The scene outside Hops on Sunday:
hops restaurant

The restaurant was forced to shutter its doors because the restaurant was unable to come to an agreement with the landlords on future lease terms, according to NBC Charlotte. Hops did not immediately return a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

A spokesperson from the Matthews Police Department told HuffPost that the eatery's management called the police Sunday in anticipation of the shut down to assist with crowd control.

“They let the employees know last minute, so families lost their jobs…and we all used to work here. So, it's a big disappointment,” a former employee Lydia Helms told NBC Charlotte.

After customers filed out, management left this note on the restaurant’s front door, explaining the shutdown to former patrons:

hops restaurant

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