Sorry, This Hornets' Nest With A Face Is Going To Haunt Your Nightmares Forever

Hornets can be pretty terrifying. A hornets' nest emerging from a carved wooden head reaches wet-the-bed nightmare status.

Earlier this week, Cliff Seeger, posting on Reddit as CountBubs, posted a photo of just that, which he said his dad found in a shed that hadn't been opened in several years. Imagine stumbling on this unexpectedly:

According to the post, the hornets' nest had fused with a wooden statue. Seeger told The Huffington Post that his father carved the statue about 10 years ago and it had been in their backyard before it ended up in the shed.

Fortunately for Seeger and his family, the nest was abandoned -- a shed full of angry hornets is the only thing that would make this a worse discovery. For now, he said, they're planning to try to preserve it as is.

But if you're not shuddering from the feeling of phantom wasp stings yet, here is a 23-foot hornets' nest found in an abandoned house in Spain last year. Who else wants to stay inside all summer?

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