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Astrology Forecast for 2012: Change and New Possibilities

Major personal and social changes are written in the stars for 2012. In fact, the planetary energies are so very powerful and so encouraging of deep transformation that most everyone will experience something life-changing and significant by years' end.
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Have you noticed how most everyone is going through some huge challenge lately? That's the way it's supposed to be! Major personal and social changes are written in the stars for 2012. In fact, the planetary energies are so very powerful and so encouraging of deep transformation that most everyone will experience something life-changing and significant by years' end. (Read below for what your sun sign might expect for 2012).

That sounds big. And it is! Although life can seem unstable now, a new way of living is trying to take hold. What no longer works is becoming inescapably obvious. That's because we are learning to function on an even higher level. Patience, maturity, working together and trust are part of the process.

Don't worry if you don't feel sure-footed now. "Unknowns" can help us get free from ruts so we can create something new in our lives and world. Of course, some of us might wish we had the security of our ruts during these uncertain times. But believe me, it's time to move on.
The key to 2012 is jumping in and cooperating with the dramatic changes that are happening. Accepting the flow of transitions will help you make the most of the circumstances and relationships that develop in your life. Forget about trying to re-stabilize what "used to be." For many of us, that's over.

There is plenty to look forward to in 2012. Positive new beginnings are sprouting in our lives. Progress can really take hold. Each of us will experience 2012's powerful transitions according to our own birth charts and decisions. Here's some of what your sun sign can look forward to during this amazing year:

Aries: 2012 brings positive opportunities and results around money, possessions and your personal resourcefulness. Work and health can be quite active, too: Take assertive action, but avoid letting irritabilities rule your decisions or behaviors. Relationships and partnerships can be where you have your greatest rewards as well as you greatest challenges this year. It's likely you'll be called to grow in relationships in some important way. Demonstrating maturity, wisdom and accountability will help you bring out the very best of your good relationships. But if a relationship is not right for you, and if honest remedies don't improve matters, it could be time to move on. Bottom line: 2012 will be a year of discovery of what you are capable of -- financially, work-wise and in your relationships.

Taurus: Lucky You! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good luck is traveling through your sign through June of 2012. This could heighten your opportunities for many things, including finances, worldly success and travel. Your love life and children can also be quite feisty this year. Be assertive and expressive with loved ones, but avoid letting little irritabilities get in the way of the fun and love that is developing. Jupiter can also bring something or someone into your life that sparks new meaning in your life as well. Be prepared to hunker down and pay your dues at work. Boring tasks that seem too ordinary for your genius might be exactly what sharpens your skills for later success.

Gemini: 2012 can teach you a lot about love: how to bring out the best of your love, how to be mature in love and how to be reliable, present and genuine in love. Home, family and real estate matters are quite active through July -- be assertive, but don't allow irritability to fuel decisions or behaviors. Spiritual retreat and serving others may be especially rewarding this 2012. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter enters your sign in June! This can bring a welcome era of growth, expansion, prosperity and meaning into your life. Good stuff arriving around your birthday, for sure.

Cancer: 2012 brings enhanced friendships along with more people who want to help you flourish. Let yourself receive the love. Home and family matters might be in transition this year. Perhaps you'll have more responsibility at home or you'll change where or how you live altogether. Rise to the occasion and assist others when you can, as doing so can develop your leadership skills even more. But don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of. This is a year to discover better ways to take care of yourself -- as you care for others. Considering traveling, writing or going to school this year? Do it!

Leo: Lucky Jupiter brings very positive, fortunate opportunities to your career and reputation through summer of 2012. Go ahead and ask for the promotion or expand your leadership. Be careful and patient in matters of contracts and communications as you'll need to be extra clear in what you say and what you agree to. There could also be an unusual amount of action with your finances and possessions through July 2012. Enjoy your abundance, but don't let competitiveness make you financially reckless. Instead, get your finances sorted out so they are cleaned up and moving in a healthy flow.

Virgo: 2012 is going to be quite active for you! Travel, education, writing, teaching and inspiring activities are all highlighted and likely to bring you success and joy. Go for it, Virgo! Mars, the planet of action will be in your sign through July of 2012. This will surely encourage you to tackle more activities, stimulate your work more, and allow your sex appeal to shine. But Mars can also make you more aggressive and irritable. So find ways to express your courageousness or it can implode into arguments and inflammations. You still have a "budget" aspect through 2012, so continue to be patient and frugal with your finances. Cultivate your skills, resources and relationships, knowing they will eventually flourish and pay off.

Libra: Saturn, the planet of self-mastery is in your sign through October 2012. This once-every-30-year transit usually brings major life changes and decisions. It's time for you to "grow up" in some significant way. Allow your added responsibilities to forge even greater power and self-assurance. Ironically, much of your inner strength may be cultivated by facing and overcoming frustrations and obstacles. So tackle challenges as if they are tailor made to teach you something valuable. Relationships take on more importance now. Good ones can get deeper, more committed. Sex and/or intimacy can get way better, too. Joint finances might also improve and/or you might benefit from another's transitions.

Scorpio: Relationships and partnerships can be more fortunate, expansive and important through 2012. Commitments can be made, fortunate alliances can be formed and fascinating people are entering your sphere. Plus, your sex life and joint finances can improve as well! In some ways, however, this could be a year of completion: Something you've been working on can be coming full circle or be ready to be released so you can begin a whole new era. Communications, contracts, writing and traveling will be very active the first half of the year -- especially for work and or healing. Be assertive, but don't let perfectionism distract you from the good ideas you are trying to establish.

Sagittarius: Health and work activities can be more expansive and fortunate now. This is a terrific time to find even more ways to make your talents pay off. But don't overdo it! Make sure you establish a routine that supports your work while keeping you healthy and uplifted. Significant changes are likely with your friendships. It might be time you clarify who your true buddies are and release those who don't get who you are now. Your career, reputation and authority will also be feisty and active. This is a time to work hard at your worldly position and leadership. But don't let competitiveness or perfectionism irritate your relationships with authority figures, or you might spend more time putting out fires than developing the opportunities that are stirring.

Capricorn: Love life, kids, self-expression and having fun can be more uplifting, fortunate and fruitful this 2012. Go for it, Capricorn! Travel, writing, education and inspiring activities are also stimulated and might be quite central to your work or healing. This is a powerful era for you: Pluto, the planet that teaches how to work with "the spiritual force" is showing you ways to let go of old ambition and control patterns so you can focus on endeavors that truly feed you. This is also a year that many of your efforts in your career, reputation and authority are coming to fruition. What you have mastered can really pay off. What you have yet to learn will become quite clear and demand your discipline and patience. Remember: Your success isn't about standing alone. Maintaining excellent relationships with authority figures and those whom you have authority over is the key to your continued rise.

Aquarius: Your home, family and personal Life can be more expansive, luxurious and uplifting. Take time to enjoy that which serves as the foundation of your life as it can offer you tremendous rewards. Your love life and children can also flourish this year -- especially the second half of 2012. Sex and intimate matters might be quite feisty through July, calling for greater assertiveness on your part. But avoid letting irritabilities or perfectionism spark disagreements with those you share love or money with. You might also find that travel, writing, teaching or legal activities demand much of your attention and discipline this year. Allow others to support you in discovering what truly has meaning and ethics for you.

Pisces: Contracts, communications, travel, siblings and education can be quite exciting and fortunate through mid-2012. This is a terrific time to find ways to bring your ideas into a usable form. Relationships and partnerships will be quite feisty through mid-2012 -- including for work and/or healing. Be assertive and reach out to others, letting them know your desires. But avoid letting perfectionism or criticism -- either yours or others -- to deflate the goodness that can be cultivated with others. You might find that you are somehow responsible to others who are experiencing life transitions. Be helpful but don't think you should rescue others from experiencing difficult things. Same goes for sexual and financial intimacy -- be accountable and as fair to yourself as you are to others in your giving and receiving. You are learning even healthier ways to connect with people so both you and they are satisfied.

Everyone: Enjoy 2012! Appreciate how you are an important part of a new era of human behavior, leadership and values coming into this world. What does your wisdom have to contribute?

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