Helicopter Airlifts Horse To Safety After It Falls Down Ravine

Incredibly, the animal was not injured from its tumble.

A horse was airlifted to safety in California on Saturday afternoon after it fell from a trail and got stuck down a ravine.

Video going viral shows a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter hoisting the blindfolded animal into the air from the bottom of a canyon near Sylmar.

It soars high into the sky and is flown over to a nearby ranch, where it is gently laid down on level ground.

Veterinarians checked the animal over and found it was uninjured, despite its ordeal.

The horse eventually got back "up on its feet" and was "talking" soon after, according to the above tweet from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, which assisted in the rescue by clearing brush in the ravine.

The horse tumbled from the trail around 26 miles northwest of Los Angeles shortly before 4.30 p.m., according to NBC Los Angeles. It's unclear how far it fell and exactly what happened to its rider, but no people were reported hurt.

The animal was reunited with its owners soon after the rescue.