'Horse Burger Costume' A Hit With European Consumers Still Digesting Tainted Meat Scandal (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Naughty Costume Selling Out After Horse Meat Scandal

Costume purveyors in the U.K. aren't horsing around when it comes to making a quick buck.

Herds of customers are galloping away with Fancy Dress Costumes's new tongue-in-cheek ensemble, called the "Horse Burger Costume," that cheekily pokes fun at the food scandal which has so far involved horse meat turning up in food products sold at Ikea, Burger King, Taco Bell and other chain stores in parts of Europe.

The costume, retailing for £39.99 (around $60.00), includes both a "burger tunic" and a horse head mask.

Here's the garment's description on Fancy Dress Costumes website:

Yay or neigh? Become the flavour of the year.
This costume is the odds on favourite at many local supermarkets.
Disclosure: Horse content is not 100% guaranteed.

Reached for comment by Business Insider, the company's director, Jack Coveney, said, "The sales are quite incredible, we literally have one left and just placed a bulk order to re-stock ... Interest has been on a European scale. We have never had so many inquiries!"

PHOTOS of the costume:
horse meat costume
horse meat costume

horse meat costume

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