Here's A Helicopter Made Of Horse Meat. Thanks, Russia!

Here's A Helicopter Made Of Horse Meat. Thanks, Russia!

It's not a real helicopter -- they're just horsing around.

The town of Kumeratu in Russia's Bashkortostan province is best known for its helicopter factory, and horse meat is somewhat of a regional delicacy there, according to the International Business Times UK.

So to mark the anniversary of the town's founding on June 6, some clever folks went for a cultural twofer and attempted to build the largest-ever model helicopter made from horse meat sausages.

Although the model aircraft isn't about to fly off anywhere, it has rotating blades, which is more use than we've ever gotten out of horse meat. So far, the closest America has come to a sausage sculpture is probably this turkey made from hot dogs.

The Russian model measured about 11 1/2 feet long, stood just under 6 feet high and weighed almost 265 pounds, according to the IBT.

Reuters reports that the sausages were locally sourced and organic. The crowd was not allowed to nosh on the sculpture.

Here's a closer look:

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