Horse Semen Shots Taste 'Like Custard'

Horse Semen Shots Taste 'Like Custard'

We'ere not exactly sure how someone goes about concocting an apple-infused horse semen shot, but apparently they are all the rage at Green Man Pub in Wellington, New Zealand. The shots were created as the pub's entry in the 14th annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge.

The horse semen is proving more popular with women, although "a couple of them were worried they might bear children with long faces," chef Jason Varley told The Dominion. Men have been less enthusiastic about the beverage, though one brave male described the semen to be "like custard."

Horse semen isn't new to New Zealanders. This past March, the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival offered the drink as it came, or in cherry, licorice or banoffee pie flavors. "It is sort of quirky, I suppose," a festival organizer told AOL News.

The pub pays $300 for 20 vials of semen, which could be a pricey investment if people keep wanting to sample the drink. "No one's addicted to it, lets put it that way," said Varley.

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